Monday, March 10, 2014

New: Pennsylvania State Government

The new Pennsylvania State Government page hosts links to resources found on the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's website, including contact information for senators and representatives, as well as their committees and district lines.

The Pennsylvania Spending link, for example, directs to a bar graph of how much the Commonwealth has spent this fiscal year (through Jan. 2014) on items like education ($7.385 million), public welfare ($3.061 million) and transportation ($2.762 million).

There are also campaign finance reports, which candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, senator in the General Assembly and representative in the General Assembly are required to file. Additionally, on the PA State Government page, there is a link to a list of candidates who are required to file campaign finance reports, but have not done so.

As these reports are added to the Data Center, Digital First Media reporters will comb through the details and report on their findings. Be sure to check back for links to their coverage.

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